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Stress Free Travel


Whether you travel for for business or pleasure, travel can be stressing. Today, there are more stresses than ever before. What's a traveller to do?

Visit this page often for new tips, articles and reviews of products to make travel easier and less stressing.

Have important names and phone numbers on your cell phone? We all do. But what happens if your cell phone is lost or stolen? To start with, remember to use your cell provider's back-up system if they have one. Another thing you can do is email a list of your most important names and numbers to a webmail address. That way if you have a crisis, you are able to get information quickly via anyone's cell phone or computer.

Need more space in your luggage?

Consider using storage or packing bags which take the air out of clothing. They come in an array of sizes and varieties. With some, the clothing is placed into the bag, the bag is closed and then the air is pressed and rolled out of special vents. Others use a vacume cleaner hose to take the air out.

Both work well. However, if you use the type that requires a vacume cleaner hose, you're going to need a vacume cleaner at your destination to get the air out on your return.

Shelly's packing tip....

When traveling I also use clear plastic zip lock bags for individual items of clothing. Simply place an individual item in a bag, leave a small opening at the top, press the air out and close the opening. I've found this helps clothing arrive at your destination fresh and wrinkle free. An added bonus is that if you have to open your luggage at the airport, the inspectors can clearly see everything in your bag.

Keep a supply of different size bags ranging from sandwich size up to two gallons for your packing needs.


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