Take A Visualization Vacation

Feeling stressed? Learn how to take a visualization vacation and start relaxing now.




Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths to relax yourself.

Think of a calm, peaceful place you would like to be. A place that would make you happy. Imagine everything you can about that place.

For example, visualize the salty ocean breeze.... the perfect blue sky... the big fluffy white clouds....the warm sand beneath your feet and the warm golden sun on your body.

Feel the peace and calmness. Your stress has melted away. Luxuriate in the feeling. You're on vacation. Enjoy it.

Some people need a little help. Another way to take a visualization vacation is to take a picture of a vacation spot you'd like to visit.

Stare at it for a short time. Then close your eyes. Take three deep breaths to relax yourself.

Think about that perfect picture. Put yourself into it. First your feet and legs. Then your body, arms and head. See yourself in the picture.

Feel the calmness. Enjoy your mini vacation. You can now take one anytime you need one.

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